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Leachate Treatment


  • Consistently meet compliance discharge levels while treating process water for ore crushing and recovery
  • Eliminate tailing pond overflow and safely discharge treated leachate into the evironment
  • Maximize your yield and lower operating costs with our fine-tuned, automated and self-protected systems
  • Produce fresh, purified water on-site
  • Know that your fitted system will run smoothly with minimal operator attention
  • Maintain a safe and healthy mine site for workers
Tailing Ponds Mining Flow Diagram


Achieve environmental compliance and control costs with automated water treatment systems fitted to your mining operation

Kontek's technology consistently produce compliant water because our engineers have the knowledge and experience to build systems that fit your environment and application.  This applications are used to treat waste streams with high content of  heavy metals from  mining processes and tailing ponds, as well to purify water for boilers,  cooling water, chemical make up for labs and portable water.


Lower treatment costs and maximize production capacity with Kontek's leachate treatment

Avoid tailing pond overflow and meet environmental discharge limits 24/7. We have the expertise needed to design, build and commission an automated treatment process that will consistently work for your unique leachate challenges . Our membrane technology is superior for keeping the performance of the process up, at the required flow rates to avoid  the ponds from overflowing.

Want to manage your leachate?

We drive  down costs by using the most cost-effective and crudest technologies available, including cyclone separators and settling clarifies. This step  removes most of the easy bulk and silt from your tailing pond.

At this stage, the contaminants are smaller and require a more refined filtration process, such as MemKon microfiltration. This step removes all remaining suspended solids.

We use RoKon reverse osmosis membranes to eliminare dissolved salts in the water.

This step allows you to consistently meet extremely low environmental discharge limits of toxic adjunct elements such as: cinnabar and mercury, at the same time treat residuos including cyanide  and selenium. We target and remove specifics contaminants with a ReKon ion exchange treatment.

In certain nuclear leachate applications, we use zeolites, electrically charged aluminum silica cellular structures.

Kontek Ecology Remote Mining Operation

Containerized Kontek leachate treatment system in rural Québec. Fully automated and remotely controlled via LinKon


LinKon Remote Service Support
LinKon Remote Service Support

LinKon Remote Service Support

Real-time support when you need it, wherever you need it. You are constantly linked to Kontek’s expertise and experience – regardless of your location.

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VeriKon On-Site Pilot Testing
VeriKon On-Site Pilot Testing

VeriKon On-Site Pilot Testing

Testing is an important first step in our long-term strategy to maximize your water recovery.

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SmartLogic Automated Control Systems
SmartLogic Integrated & Automated Control Systems

SmartLogic Automated Control Systems

SmartLogic's intelligent design, protects the quality of the water, safeguards the parts, and conserves chemicals.

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ROKON Reverse Osmosis Purification
Wastewater Recovery & Treatment

ROKON Reverse Osmosis Purification

Kontek's RO systems recover up to 90% of your wastewater or recovered process feed water.

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