Minimize waste disposal costs and meet your water recycling goals with efficient and durable solids dewatering and ZLD technologies
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Reduce liquid waste hauling and disposal costs, with efficient solids dewatering processes. Our durable under-the-press sludge dryers, filter presses, and liquid crystallizers are designed for long-term rugged use.


Filter Press

Quickly transform liquid discharge into a solid form that passes the slump test. Presses consistently convert aqueous solution containing 2 to 5% total suspended solids (TSS) to solid sludge cakes containing less than 65% moisture for easy disposal. Paired with a sludge dryer, the filter press is an essential step in achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

With build-in-fail technology, ConRec Filter Presses withstand the harshest environmental conditions:

  • Heavy-duty welded cold rolled steel or stainless steel frame
  • Durable hydraulic pumps and cylinders
  •  Stainless steel rail caps for rugged use
  • Two coats of corrosion-resistant epoxy paint
  • Gasketed or non-gasketed one-piece molded polypropelene corrosion-resistant filter plates
  • Patented follower tail plate swivel joint for precise alignment
  • Semi-automatic plate shifters
  • Pump pressure control system (PPCS)
  • Sludge removal hoppers
  • Safety features: splash guards and light curtains available
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Drive down costs and reclaim drag-out while maintaining consistent solution concentrations with Max-Evap.

Using atmospheric evaporation, Max-Evap protects your plating bath chemistry, prevents solution growth, and reduces your wastewater production rate.

  • Prevent dilution and maintain consistent solution chemistry by evaporating excess water
  • Dramatically reduce your consumable costs by retrieving and reusing plating bath chemistry
  • Minimize waste by reducing your rinse water usage, wastewater flow rate and solid waste disposal costs
  • Efficiently evaporate up to 75 gallons per hour
  • Streamline your process by evaporating excess water at the source
  • Close the loop on your plating process with a Maxi-Spray counter flow rinsing system
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Water is a precious and scarce resource. Protect the value of water by reusing over 95% of your wastewater and reducing liquid waste volume. Kontek’s sludge dryers, liquid crystallizers, and filter presses effectively minimize waste.

  • Purify raw source water to your desired quality for your entire can manufacturing process with RoKon Reverse Osmosis
  • Deionized (DI), purified source water for final DI rinsing on even the most demanding specifications with ReKon Ion Exchange
  • Guarantee discharge compliance from Kontek wastewater treatment systems with the toughest discharge criteria
  • Remove heavy metals, oils & grease, and organic compounds from your process water
  • Eliminate expensive disposal costs for concentrated spent cleaning & process solutions
  • Ensure that can rinsing stages are free of floating oils & greases
  • Minimize water treatment costs with fully integrated systems and Kontek’s SmartLogic automated controls


Sludge Dryer

Sludge Dryers are designed to match your Filter Press capacity, giving you an efficient semi-continuous batch process. Its compact and customized build minimizes both floor space requirement and operator interference. Sludge falls directly from the Filter Press into the dryer, minimizing handling and exposure to hazardous waste.

  • Can pay for itself in less than a year by reducing sludge disposal and hauling costs
  • Is reliable and durable, engineered for long-term rugged use
  • Fits directly under the Filter Press.  Hazardous waste drops directly into the Sludge Dryer, minimizing exposure and handling of dangerous waste
  • Is designed to match your Filter Press capacity, giving you efficient semi-continuous batch process
  • Is compact and customized to maximize available floor space and minimize operator interference
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Liquid Crystallizer

Perfect for low-volume, corrosive liquid solutions, ConRec Liquid Crystallizer quickly removes moisture content, leaving behind crystallized salts for disposal. With a trustworthy design used in the industry for over 25 years, the Liquid Crystallizer eliminates contaminated haulage and disposal costs.

  • Eliminate liquid waste haulage and disposal costs
  • Reduce operator intervention with convenient temperature and timer controls
  • Turn liquid slurry waste into uniform, lightweight crystals
  • Reduce maintenance costs and lengthen system lifespan with durable and corrosion-resistant materials of construction
  • Drive down running costs with an energy-efficient design
  • Optimize crystallizer efficiency, cleanliness, and consistency with automated self-cleaning blades
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