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  • Consistently achieve compliance while meeting Nadcap standards
  • Benefit from lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) with water recovery, recycling and solids dewatering technologies
  • Guarantee softened, purified and deionized raw water for chemical baths and rinses
  • Conserve chemicals and drive down costs
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • Know that your fitted system will run smoothly with minimal operator attention


Meet Nadcap standards with fine-tuned water treatment systems fitted to your environment and application

Aerospace and defence industry suppliers have confidence in our systems because of our sophisticated safety features and fine-tuned systems logic. As a result, aerospace manufacturers across the world use our systems to: purify and deionize raw water for chemical baths and rinses, treat and recover wastewater, and eliminate liquid waste discharge.

Kontek creates self-protected and fitted water treatment processes that consistently  produce compliant water.

This allow us to:

•Meet strict environmental regulations on effluent discharge

•Remove heavy metals from wastewater streams with reliable equipment

•Automatically reprocess non-compliant water

Fined-tuned logic and safety features guarantee compliance while driving down costs.

•Reduce operating, labour and maintenance costs with automated SmartLogic controls

•Optimize chemical efficiency, reducing costs for consumables

•Avoid inadvertent non-compliance, spills and accidents

Reduce your liquid waste hauling and disposal costs with efficient solids dewatering processes.

•Reduce slurry and sludge disposal costs by minimizing waste volume

•Lower operating costs with efficient and automated equipment

•Lengthen system lifespan with corrosion-resistant systems built for long-term rugged use


Maxi-Spray Counterflow Rinsing Technique
Conterflow Rinse Technique

Maxi-Spray Counterflow Rinsing Technique

Reduce or eliminate drag-out while minimizing the amount of rinse water your process requires

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KC-Series Process Bath Purification
KC-Series Process Bath Purification

KC-Series Process Bath Purification

Target only undesired contaminant metals, while keeping your valuable trivalent chrome chemistry intact for plating.

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Max-Evap Atmospheric Evaporation

Max-Evap Atmospheric Evaporation

Max-Evap protects your plating bath chemistry, prevents solution growth, and reduces your wastewater production rate.

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ROKON Reverse Osmosis Purification
Wastewater Recovery & Treatment

ROKON Reverse Osmosis Purification

Kontek's RO systems recover up to 90% of your wastewater or recovered process feed water.

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