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KC-Series Process Bath Purification

Ion Exchange System


  • Prevent plating imperfections and discolouration by removing tramp metals.
  • Eliminate costs associated with plating bath impurities such as: rejects and replating, expensive bath maintenance, plating line downtime and replacement chemistry.
  • Selectively target only undesired contaminant metals, while keeping your valuable trivalent chrome chemistry wholly intact for plating.
  • Continuously purify your bath chemistry.
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your bath chemistry.


Developed in cooperation with the proprietary manufacturers of trivalent chrome plating solution, KC Series technology removes heavy metal contaminants from the plating bath, such as unwanted: copper, nickel, zinc, and iron. Using specially selective chelating resin, KC Series systems remove only undesired metals.

This keeps your valuable trivalent chrome chemistry entirely intact for plating, guaranteeing finish colour consistency.

Continuous On Line Chrome and Chromate Bath Purification

  • Trivalent Chrome Plating Solution Purification.
  • Trichromate Solution Purification.
  • Nickel Plating Solution Purification.
  • Acid Bath Purification
  • Prefiltration chamber removes suspended solids to prevent resin fouling
  • Optimal pump performance and lifespan using corrosion-resistant magnetic coupled seal less pump
  • Standard controls include pump run-dry protection
  • Reduces system downtime for regeneration and reduces resin costs with ion-selective gel resin that hold up to 3 lbs. of tramp heavy metals metal per cubic foot
  • Saves labour and cleaning costs with quick, easy and infrequent offline regeneration cycles, which use the onboard process pump for regeneration chemistry
  • Protects your resin with proprietary resin containment and screening
  • Removes only targeted tramp metal ions with proprietary TC selective gel resin
  • Accurate flow meters control your flow rates for process solution, regenerant chemicals and rinse water for each KC column