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ConRec Perma-Disc Filters

Updated Nov. 2018


  • Efficiently clean 3,000 to 16,000 gallons per hour at a third of the cost for a large sand filter
  • Greatly reduce hazardous waste disposal and filter replacement costs with permanent filter discs
  • Double-sided discs with large sludge holding capacity reduce cleaning frequency and labour requirements
  • Improve sealing and reduce maintenance costs with precision-molded and corrosion-resistant CPVC or PVDF O-Ring grooves
  • Reduce labour and cleaning costs with extendable stacked discs
  • Lengthen system lifespan with durable and proven components designed for long-term, rugged use
  • Fast-acting “no tools” swing bolts save time and cut labour costs
  • Compact and easily portable wheeled unit that can be transported through narrow aisles and installed in tight areas
  • Extend the life of your process bath chemistry while preventing surface roughness and imperfections on plated parts
  • Remove any residual suspended solids before discharging or reusing your treated wastewater
  • Eliminate your costs for expensive cartridges and filter papers, and dramatically reduce your disposal costs by using permanent filtration discs
  • Remove suspended solids as small as 10 microns. Pre-coated discs filter contaminants as small as one micron.


Industrial Wastewater Perma-Disc

The pump fills the filter chamber with contaminated fluid and air is released through the chamber’s vents. As fluid passes through the system, it’s forced through dozens of stacked discs with thousands of micro-channels that filter out contaminants as small as 10 microns. Pre-coated discs provide filtering performance down to one micron. Only clean fluid is able to completely pass through the inner stack
  • Mark Norton

    Every one of our customers that have used the Perma-Disc system are extremely satisfied and we are always confident in recommending them in conjunction with our electroplating installations

    Mark Norton , Walgren Company


Suspended Solids Removal. Reduce your disposal costs while removing suspended solids

Ditch expensive disposable papers and cartridges for the last time with Perma-Disc. Used to remove suspended solids from plating baths or to polish treated wastewater, Perma-Disc is a permanent horizontal disc filter. It offers the contaminant removal capacity of disposable media without any of the replacement or disposal costs. Whereas other filtering systems generate barrels of soaked media, Perma-Disc discards only unwanted suspended solid — no bulky cartridges or soggy, heavy media.

Perma-Disc is simple to clean and performs like a large sand filter system, except at a third of the capital cost and a fraction of the size. The compact, wheeled unit is portable and easy to install in cramped areas.

Perma-Disc filters flows of  up to 16,000 gallons per hour. Small package, huge performance!


Unlike disposable paper or cartridge  media filters, Perma-Disc has permanent filtration discs that are easy to clean. This greatly reduces your direct operating costs and, in many cases, reduces annual hazardous waste disposal costs by thousands of dollars.

Whereas other filtering systems produce barrels of contaminant- soaked media, Perma-Disc discards only contaminants – no bulky cartridges or soggy media.
The Perma-Disc stack is easy to remove for fast cleaning.

Perma-Disc performs like a large sand filter – except at a third  of the capital cost and a fraction of the size. The small, wheeled unit is portable, easy to install in tight areas, and it filters up to 16,000 gallons per hour.

Wastewater Treatment Perma-Disc

Perma-Disc is a permanent media horizontal disc filter that offers the dirt removal capacity of disposable media – without any of the replace- ment or disposal costs

Optional features to fit your application

Optimize Perma-Disc performance and reduce cleaning requirements by adding pre-coating filter aids, carbon, or chemical additives to your process solution.  Slurry tanks are ideal for wastewater treatment applications  that require very fine filtration as low as one micron.

Filter your water on a 24/7 basis with  two Perma-Disc stacks instead of one. While one stack collects solids, the other is ready for a quick rinse between  cycles.

The air pump’s gentle action does not shear and split up flocced particles into smaller pieces, allowing the Perma-Disc’s micro-channels to trap solids more effectively.


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