We design, engineer, build and commission technologies for every stage of your industrial waster treatment process, from raw water deionization to sludge dewatering

Conventiona Treatment

Our conventional wastewater treatment systems use chemical precipitation to consistently remove contaminants. Efficiently treat your wastewater prior to re-use or safe environmental discharge with durable and long-lasting automated systems. Kontek’s conventional wastewater treatment systems are integrated within each facility to meet the stringent effluent requirements that exist for metal finishers More Detail

ConRec Solids Dewatering

Our ConRec Solids Dewatering Technologies reduce the moisture of the solid waste to lower disposal cost with efficient solids dewatering processes. Our durable under-the-press sludge dryers, filter presses and liquid crystallizers are designed for long-term, rugged use and eliminate sludge disposal volumes to less than 25%, saving your operation hundreds of dollars per year. More Detail

Wastewater Recovery for Reuse

Kontek has been a leader manufacturer and pioneer of fully automated Wastewater Recovery Technologies which recover industrial wastewater up to 95% for reuse. Kontek's customers use our different technologies for a variety of applications, including: raw water purification, softening and deionization, wastewater treatment, wastewater recovery and recycling, polishing and targeted ion recovery. More Detail

Raw Water Purification

Treats feed water sources, either natural or municipal, to extremely low contaminant levels to accomplish high purity process water specifications. Raw water treatment is an essential step to improve the quality of the water used in different industrial processes, and is a great source of reducing operating cost related to the poor quality of final result. More Detail

Automated Protection Remote Control & Monitoring

At Kontek, we believe in taking extra technical precautions to guarantee safety and reliability. As a result, we build-in-safety features that protect water's quality, safeguard parts and conserve consumables, all while minimizing labour requirements and running costs. More Detail