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ConRec Sludge Dryer

ConRec Sludge Dryer

This low-profile design fits neatly under your filter press and empties into your disposal container using gravity


  • Compact unit fits directly beneath filter press to save valuable space
  • Sludge falls directly from filter press into dryer, minimizing sludge handling and personnel exposure to hazardous waste
  • 2, 3 and 4 cu. ft. sludge capacities are ideal for applications where larger dryers are not required or from 8 to 100 cu. ft. to handle large sludge requirements
  • Dryer process cuts disposal costs dramatically by achieving a reduction in sludge volume of 75% or more
  • Controlled temperature electric or steam heat reduces noxious/hazardous gases and maintenance problems associated with higher temperature direct-fire or radiant type dryers
  • Exclusive Quad-Screw mixer on 2, 3 and 4 cu. ft. and double ribbon-screws on larger units improves sludge circulation for uniform and rapid moisture release
  • Built for long life. Durable, sludge-tight design, with all wetted parts made of stainless-steel
  • Rugged drive system with positive sprocket-and-chain and sealed shaft means years of reliable service


Sludge Dryer for Metal Finishing

ConRec Sludge Dryers continuo to be the leading brand for one reason, "consistent results". Build to last with corrosion-resistant materials, you can depend on your ConRec sludge dryer to yield profits for many years to come

  • Leonard

    We purchased our ConRec Sludge Dryer in 1991 and it's been in service every day since. The availability of parts and service from Kontek help us keep it running.

    Leonard , SW Plating


Minimize your filter press sludge disposal volumes to less than 25%

ConRec Sludge Dryers provide a full range of capacity, they are designed for small, medium and high sludge volumes. We build each unit to fit under the Filter Press to eliminate hazardous sludge handling, this enables efficiently semi-continuous batch sequencing, reducing volume and space of the sludge.

Even in small plating shops, sludge disposal costs can add up to big money. Now there is an affordable solution. The ConRec Sludge Dryer is now available from two to six cubic foot capacities, to meet the needs of shops and departments where large dryers are not necessary, or from eight to hundred cubic foot to handle large sludge requirements.

In the small units, only 25"and 26" high, these Sludge Dryers fit directly under a 470 mm plate or 630 mm plate press, so it occupies no additional floor space. When used as a stand-alone dryer without a Filter Press, its footprint is not more than 4' X 7.5'.

Space saving is just the beginning, our Sludge Dryer can easily save you thousands of dollars each year. For example, four cubic feet of wet sludge may take up one cubic foot or less after drying.


Evaporate up to two-thirds of your disposal costs with the original under-the-press sludge dryer

Sludge Dryers are available using electricity or steam as a heat source.

The steam heated version incorporates a steam jacket welded to the underside of the sludge pan. Multiple independent zones ensure maximum heat transfer and uniform temperatures for rapid, consistent drying.

With the electric version, strip heaters are clamped to the underside of the pan, covering a large surface for uniform temperatures and long heater life. Carefully designed clamping of the strip heaters maintains good contact for high heat transfer and low heat density preventing hot spots. Standard thermocouple control prevents over heating and excessive thermal expansion.


Sludge Dryers are designed to match the filter press, allowing for an efficient semi-continuous batch process. Its compact and customized build maximizes floor space while minimizing operator interference.

Leg extensions provide space for the disposal container to sit directly under the discharge chute. Stanchions position your filter press conveniently above your elevated sludge dryer. Access catwalks, platforms  and stairways save space while boosting operating  efficiency.

Augers simplify disposal in areas with  limited headspace by placing dried sludge directly into disposal containers

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