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Steel Industry


  • Consistently achieve environmental compliance
  • Realize lower operating, production downtime and maintenance costs
  • Reduce utility operating costs via cognizant use of recycled water
  • Minimize off site disposal charges via innovative water reuse techniques and technologies
  • Lower chemical use to drive down operating costs
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment


Steel producers across the globe utilize Kontek technologies to address a number of issues that include, but are not limited to: selective ion removal from process water, water recovery and treatment for utility use, clarification of high TSS laden water and oil removal followed by water reuse just to list a few applications that have successfully been implemented.


Kontek engineers design water treatment processes that consistently produce environmentally compliant water.

This allows for such things as:

  • Meeting strict environmental regulations on effluent discharge
  • Removal of heavy metals, in some cases selectively, from wastewater streams

• Automatic reprocessing of non-compliant water

Precision logic and safety override features guarantee compliance while driving down operating costs.

  • Reduces operating, labour and maintenance costs with SMARTLOGIC controls
  • Optimizes chemical efficiencies
  • Avoids inadvertent non-compliance events, spills and accidents


Reduce your liquid waste hauling and disposal costs with efficient solids dewatering and/or evaporative processes.

  • Effectively address seemingly costly liquids and solids
  • Lower operating costs with efficient, automated remote monitoring technology
  • Efficiently reuse conditioned water for utility purposes i.e. Boiler/cooling makeup


Metal Finishing
Aerospace, Automotive, Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

Achieve compliance with self-protecting water treatment systems fitted to your metal finishing operation.

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Achieve compliance with fine-tuned water treatment systems fitted to your facility and application

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Meet Nadcap standards with fine-tuned water treatment systems fitted to your environment and application

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Achieve environmental compliance and control costs with automated water treatment systems fitted to your mining operation.

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