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  • Maximize plant productivity
  • Purify well and raw water containing harmful impurities
  • Recycle & reuse up to 95% of waste water with Kontek RoKon RO
  • Recover and reuse nutrients from wastewater
  • Eliminate expensive raw water costs by pumping and treating underground source water
  • Minimize the risk of exposure to harsh hard raw water and bacteria
  • Control harmful insects including Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Aphids, Thrips, etc.
  • Correct and stabilize pH balance
  • Purify boiler feed water makeup to reduce boiler operating costs by 90%
  • Minimize scaling by using purified water in the boiler. This minimizes maintenance and costly chemicals


Boost your greenhouse operation's bottom line with a RoKon Hydroponic RO System

Deliver the best possible nutrients to your plants by starting with the purist possible water form Kontek. Recycle & reuse up to 95% of the water with our RoKon Reverse Osmosis System.


Designed for high efficiency, RoKon systems recover up to 95% of city water for pre-treatment or process waste water for reuse by re-circulating reject water back for retreatment

Reduce the amount of cleaning required, extends membrane life and delivers higher water purity. The TriSep highly efficient membranes with variable speed drivers reduce energy requirements


The PLC -driven operator interface displays all important system control information on a user-friendly control panel


Metal Finishing
Aerospace, Automotive, Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

Achieve compliance with self-protecting water treatment systems fitted to your metal finishing operation.

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Aerospace, Metal Finishing


Meet Nadcap standards with fine-tuned water treatment systems fitted to your environment and application

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Automotive, Metal Finishing


Achieve compliance with fine-tuned water treatment systems fitted to your facility and application

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Canning Packaging, Metal Finishing


Lower water treatment costs and meet the strictest compliance regulations with cradle to grave water technology and systems fitted to your facility’s requirements

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