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Microchip Manufacturing

Kontek systems lets microchip manufacturer treat highly concentrated acidic and fluoridated wastewater to meet compliant discharge levels.

Microchip 1000x1500

Achieve compliance with self-protecting water treatment systems fitted to your metal finishing operation

Zero Liquid Discharge ZLD

Complete Water Recovery Process

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In order to meet compliant discharge levels, one of North America’s largest semiconductor manufacturers needed to neutralize their wastewater. However the contaminants in their water posed serious challenges.

The client uses many different concentrated acids and fluorides. As a result, their wastewater corrodes most standard materials and instruments used in water process systems.

Kontek began the process by reviewing all of the plant’s sources of acid, chemical concentrations and water flow rates. It became clear that Kontek needed to use exotic materials of construction and instrumentation that would be able to withstand the client’s extreme corrosive conditions and potential exothermic heat.

  • 1100 Series Industrial Conventional Treatment
  • SmartLogic Integrated & Automated Control System Protection

Using special materials, including HF-resistant sensors, Kontek crafted a custom-made 1100 Series Industrial Conventional Treatment system for the client. For extra safety, Kontek equipped the system with SmartLogic fail-safe protection, touch screen HMIs, and multi-level alarms.

The client continues to yield exceptional recovery rates, even after eight years of constant operation. They’ve also benefited from remarkably low repair, maintenance and operating costs.

The client has since installed two similar systems at their other manufacturing centres. Taking great pride in their Kontek systems, the client continues to allow Kontek customers to tour their facilities and see their process in action.

As the client’s business and operation protocols evolve over time, Kontek monitors how their process is changing and adapts the existing system accordingly. This ongoing partnership allows the Kontek system to keep pace with its owner’s growing business.

Based on Kontek’s ability to treat and recover complicated multi-acid wastewater, Kontek is renowned by many microchip, photovoltaic, semiconductor and silicon wafer manufacturers across the world.