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Max-Evap Atmospheric Evaporation

Industrial Wastewater Max-Evap


Efficiently and cost-effective evaporate up to 40 gallons per hour at 140o F with a standard Max-Evap
  • Prevent dilution and maintain consistent solution chemistry by evaporating excess water
  • Dramatically reduce your consumable costs by retrieving and reusing plating bath chemistry
  • Minimize waste by reducing your rinse water usage, wastewater flow rate and solid waste disposal costs
  • Efficiently evaporate up to 75 gallons per hour
  • Streamline your process by evaporating excess water at the source
  • Close the loop on your plating process with a Maxi-Spray counterflow rinsing system

Plating Process Optimization

Counterflow Rinsing Technique
Maxi-Spray for Metal Finishing Industry


Drive down costs and reclaim drag-out while maintaining consistent solution concentrations with Max-Evap.

Using atmospheric evaporation, Max-Evap protects your plating bath chemistry, prevents solution growth, and reduces your wastewater production rate.

Max-Evap atmospherically evaporates water by taking advantage of airu2019s ability to absorb water from your process solution, while leaving valuable salts behind. Max-Evap evaporation produces a refrigerating effect, which cools the solution.

After evaporation, Max-Evap discharges two streams: moisture-rich air and a concentrated liquid chemical stream that is returned to the plating bath.


When used together Max-Evap andu00a0Maxi-Spray systems, the plating process is optimized, maintaining consistent solution in theu00a0chemistry, and closing the loop. The Max-Evap evaporates all excess water produced by spraying.

  • Capture and recycle  expensive chemicals
  • Evaporate  water from the  process solution
  • lncrease  bath concentration
  • Minimize costly  waste  treatment
  • Reduce  operating costs